Leaders In Aerospace Switch & Sensor Technology


Breakthrough Sensor Technology

Our innovative transducer technology is revolutionizing the industry.

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Solving the Unsolvable

Pressure spikes, pump ripple, broken wire bonds, broken diaphragm... we solve problems you didn’t know could be addressed.

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Still the Industry Standard

Our superior switch technology remains the industry standard for high-performance pressure, temperature and liquid flow switches.

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Pioneers in Aerospace since 1948

A rich history of ongoing advancements in pressure sensing technology.

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Proven in Demanding Environments

Focused on serving military and commercial aerospace applications, our solutions have been put to the test.

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Product Solutions

  • Sensors


    Hydra-Electric's patent-pending sensors excel where older technologies fail.

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  • Switches


    Hydra-Electric's switches are the standard for performance and reliability.

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What's New

  • Join us at the 2015 Paris Air Show, June 15-21

    The world’s largest and longest running aerospace tradeshow is just around the corner. In keeping with our history of innovation, we look forward to introducing new designs in our sensor and switch technologies. We hope to see you there. Bon voyage!

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  • New White Paper: Surviving Pump Ripple Fatigue

    This paper provides and analyzes solutions to protect sensitive components in aircraft hydraulic systems from prolonged exposure to pump ripple.

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  • Hydra-Electric Is Hiring

    Open positions include: Senior Aerospace Engineering Manager, Project Manager, Designer/Drafter, Machine Shop Supervisor, Customer Service Representative, Sales Engineer, Engineering Operations Planner, and Aerospace Mechanical Design Engineer

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Why Hydra-Electric?

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A proven innovator

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Solving the Unsolvable

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Continually Improving

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Unlike our competitors, Hydra-Electric’s sensing technology incorporates a one step automated thermal compensation and verification process.

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