Hydra-Electric History

Since 1948, Hydra-Electric’s dedication and commitment has been to provide global aerospace customers with the most advanced electro-mechanical solutions for monitoring and control of pressurized operating systems.

A Long history of Innovation

Hydra-Electric began in the heart of the aerospace development community in Burbank, California. We started working closely with Lockheed Martin’s engineering facility in the 1950s, providing them with pressure switches for many of their early aircraft, such as the U2 and the SR71 Blackbird.

Our first product was actually not a pressure switch, but a fuel tank valve for aircraft built by General Dynamics. The fuel tank valve allowed the aircraft to distribute fuel evenly between the two aircraft wings, so it was balanced during flight.

Our first pressure switch was designed for the Lockheed T-33. It incorporated a negative rate disk spring design first introduced and patented by Hydra-Electric. The design has stood the test of time and remains the standard for most aerospace pressure, temperature and liquid flow switches today.

Hydra-Electric sensing technology was selected for America’s first major jets, such as the P80, F86, F100, F104, B52 and B707. In the 1960s, switches were created for the X15, F4, DC8, DC9 and most NASA space flights, including the Apollo moon missions. Since 1970, thousands of solutions were developed for global military and commercial aerospace applications. Today, Hydra-Electric sensors and switches are widely used on military, commercial, business jet and helicopter operating systems; turboprop, turboshaft, turbofan and rocket engines; weapons systems; ships and submarines; and UCAVs. See our extensive pedigree.

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